Satellite Telecommunication Services

TECNOR provides telecommunications solutions for remote sites on land, sea and air, including a wide array of equipment, voice and data services, satellite coverage and bandwidth options.

These services are provided to industrial, commercial and private users in diverse activity segments from mission critical armed forces or oil & gas operations, to commercial fishing or leisure boats. From Fixed Satellite Services with Ku or C Band dish Antennas, to Mobile Satellite Services with L Band vehicular or portable units and phones.

From Short Burst Data Packages to BroadBand voice, data and video streaming.

SCADA, telemetry and Control

TECNOR provides integrated project management services as well as specialized consulting, basic and detailed engineering, site surveys, installation, start up, training and maintenance for SCADA, Telemetry, Pipeline Modeling, Leak Detection, Video Surveillance, and Networking Projects.

These services are provided to a wide variety of companies including owner-operators, engineering and construction companies for the Oil & Gas Industry, Military, Public Safety, Electric and Water Utilities.

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